What Others Are Saying...

What others are saying about Carole’s instructional abilities:

I’ve been taking lessons off and on for 40 years. After a few lessons with Carole, I’m finally getting the uncoiling feel in my shots that has been so elusive. In turn, my accuracy, distance, and ball trajectory are much improved.  Carole keeps it simple, "why are you doing all this extra stuff? “ and she shows me and tells me what needs to be done. And, if I don’t catch on to the first way she describes it, she has another way of explaining it.  

Some of my favorite lessons learned were a putting “formula” and a chipping “formula" to take the guesswork and irregularity out of distance control.  

The worst thing is many people at our club realized what a great teacher she is, so it’s getting to be a lot more competitive at our course!  First, it was just the women taking lessons, then the men saw and heard how well the women liked the results they had after lessons with Carole.  Next thing you know, men and women of all handicaps could be seen working with her. 

She makes the lesson fun and simple, and results follow.   

Mary Kwolek, Champion Hills, Hendersonville, NC


Carole, you ROCK!  What an improvement in my game today.  If it wasn't for three bad shots and a couple of missed putts, it would have been my best round ever!  Almost aced #2 - hit the pin on the bounce and settled 6 inches!  A bottle of wine is coming your way!!!!


Thank you!

Todd Roadman

Champion Hills, Hendersonville, NC




Carole arrived at our club this past May to provide instruction to members during the summer season. It’s been five years since we’ve had a female pro, something long desired and needed. 


Carole taught clinics, 2-day programs, on-course instruction, and private sessions. In addition, she informally mentored our new full-time assistant pro. It didn’t take long before everyone began taking lessons: Men, women, old and young and those with low to high handicaps. The reason was simple - everyone saw results! She is a virtuoso at instruction: patient, enthusiastic, and positive in all she does. She identifies the issue(s) that are distorting your swing or putting and then explains how you can correct the problem(s). She will describe it in several different ways until you clearly understand what you have been doing. Then she’ll introduce the correction needed and walk you through achieving it. Ultimately, she hopes that when you leave your lesson, that you understand what the problem is, what the answer is, and what to look for should your problem resurface. It renews your passion for golf and is just so empowering! Never has a club membership been more grateful to a pro. 


Carol Gislason Kemp

Champion Hills Women’s Golf Association President (2023)

 and devoted student of Carole Clark


Hey, Carole!

I want to express my most sincere thanks for the Opti Brain training that we did together.  I was a good at putting before this training, but I am now able to take it to an entirely new level.  Everyone I play with has remarked on how good I am on the greens.  I have a calm confidence that translates into a smooth stroke and an able eye to the hole.  I still mis-read the break in the green from time to time but I am genuinely relaxed and certain that I can two-putt from anywhere thanks to the focus I have learned through Opti-Brain.  I am looking forward to a refresher when we're together again in the fall and continuing to work on bringing the same quiet brain to my full swing!
Michelle, Fiddlesticks CC

Hi Carole,

Just wanted to share with you a little note about my Blast Motion experience and the putting results I attribute to the little white blob...!  After just three days of hitting 25-50 putts with the Blast, I saw immediate and very significant improvements.  Here are the metrics/averages after 8 rounds (144 holes) of golf since I got BLASTED:

One 3 putt

73' average total distance of putts made per round (that distance would be top 100 on PGA Tour in 2017).

28 putts per round. 4 birdies per round - up from roughly 2 birdies per round average prior.  Handicap index in 15 days moved from a .1 to a +1.2.

I really appreciate the fact that you introduced me to this great product - it will be forever a part of of my practice routine...!!
Jim, Fiddlesticks CC

For a golfer who once had a reliable 5 handicap, my struggles to break ninety recently led me to try Opti Brain Training.  I admit to some initial skepticism, but the result expressed in scores comparison is a strong testimonial by itself. The GHIN System record shows my 14 scores immediately prior to my sessions with Carole to average 89.1 with a low of 84 and a high of 98. The next five scores,after completing the four training sessions, totaled 405 with a high of 83 and a low of 79.  That is an average of 81!  That is better than 8 strokes per round.

How? Why?  The sessions taught me how to “quiet” my brain and get rid of the many non-golf thoughts flashing through my head when I was trying to putt. I quickly learned how to find that silent spot where I thought of nothing and could FOCUS. And, it carried over to every kind of golf shot I face from chips and pitches right back to the tee shot.  No,I am not breaking par -yet-but,after all, I am who I am, not a 24 year old on the tour. But, hey, I shot my age once and bettered it four times right after the training. That is a streak I fully expect to experience often because now I know how to quiet the chatter.

Henry Hager, Fiddlesticks CC



"I just wanted you to know that after you left me with the new swing thoughts, I began to hit the ball much better than ever before!  Even the driver was long and straight, so I think we’re onto something here.  We’ll see how it goes when I play tomorrow and maybe we can squeeze in another lesson before we head out west for Thanksgiving.

Thanks so much!"

Fran     Fiddlesticks CC



"Really appreciated the Opti Brain training. Think it’s helping, especially on short putts to establish a rhythm which enables me to make a smooth accelerating stroke more often. There’s no question I was stroking the 10-12 footers well when working with you - need to maintain that feel on shorter strokes. Good luck with your continuing work on this very interesting approach. In any event, last three scores have been lower - 81 to 84 - from white tees. Then Sun playing back 9 WF with an old friend excellent golfer 1st time out in 6 mos due to elbow surgery, he hit 18 in two, then I hit 20 yd flop lob wedge from rt side and rolled it in downhill like a putt for an eagle - after parring 6 of 1st 7, before doubling 17 from 55 yds! Anyhow, nice end to season here.  Have a nice summer."

Ed     Fiddlesticks CC



"I have to share my golf game with you.....since I have you to thank for the improvement!!  Tues. - WF red tees 45-45/ 90. Super because it was consistent!!  Best Ever!  Thurs. -LM -Aqua Day  41-50/ 91.  A little shaky on the the back.  I keep surprising myself!!  It's definitely fun.....but golf is a fickle game - I know it!!  So, I'll just keep trying!!
Thank you, thank you!"

Sherry    Fiddlesticks CC



"I don’t know if your here or Mass. but Thank you... thank you….. thank you……….the lesson took and I’m really hitting the ball well…
and recovering some of my money from the pirates I play with.

Have a great summer ….see you in the fall."


John     Fiddlesticks CC


"I am an avid tournament golfer and have taken many golf lessons from prominent golf professionals throughout the U.S.  Many of the professionals are in the Top 100 category.  I now take lessons from Carole Clark of ParXlent Golf and I can say she has helped more than any other teacher.  She advises based upon “your swing” and does not try to change everything.  She got me to hit the ball more solid, higher and further with a proper shoulder turn.  She gratefully did not try to change a back swing flaw I have had my whole life and instead corrected my problems more simply.  She continues to improve my game and I have recommended many other tournament and non- tournament golfers (my wife) to her with great results.”   


Frank   Pine Orchard Yacht & CC

5 handicap


"Thank you for spending time this summer working with me on my golf.  Though I had some bad shots in yesterday’s (Club Championship) match, I had some really good ones and I went out there and competed.  And that was my goal – I didn’t want to play so poorly as to embarrass myself and I wanted to compete. Thanks to you I feel I am a much improved golfer this year, and starting to feel  more comfortable on the course – but I want to continue to get better.    I just need to work on driving, chipping, putting, pitching, sand…!"

Take care,

Kathy   Pine Orchard Yacht & CC

18 handicap


"I am a 5 handicap golfer who has taken numerous lessons over the last 10 years.  Of the various instructors I have used, Carole Clark had the biggest impact on my game.  Her methods are simple and straight forward and she doesn’t confuse me with too many swing thoughts.  She has a knack for identifying a swing flaw and providing instruction and drills to help correct it.  She is very easy to work with and always very positive and encouraging.  I am grateful for the time she took to help me out both on my full swing and on my short game.  I am still carrying a 36″ ruler for a drill she suggested for my putting.  I can recommend Carole without hesitation to golfers at any skill level."


Tad    Pine Orchard Yacht & CC



Many thanks.  The golf lesson showed instant  improvement.  Shot a 99 taking a 9 on the 18th of the Wee.  Sheer sloppiness.   Will try to schedule another date for reinforcement.  At my age my memory bank requires that.  

Norma    Fiddlesticks CC

70 some years young


Thank YOU Carole!  When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  Frustrated with my short game last year I set my goals and made a commitment to improving my short game this year.  Then you appeared.  Your clinics are great.  They are just what I needed. I am not just learning the shots of the short game, I am learning about myself and my game.  I have come a long way in a very short time thanks to you.  In the past two days two people have called me a good putter!  Can you imagine?  I had to look around to see who they were talking about.  It is all about confidence!  Can’t wait for Veronica’s seminar.  I want the full boat.  I am also looking forward to the next on course lesson like we had last week.  Please let me know when the next is scheduled. 

Christine   Fiddlesticks CC


Carole has helped me love the game of golf again.  I once had a much lower handicap then I have now,  but due to knee problems my swing was changed to accommodate my physical problem.  I played golf pivoting only on my left leg for a few years and then had my knee replaced, very successful operation, but I was struggling to get the right swing back until I met up with Carole.  Due to her teaching and coaching my swing is back and it is now a joy not a chore to play. She is an awesome instructor, easy to understand and to facilitate what she is teaching.

Sandy     Fiddlesticks CC


Carole has been a great asset in my journey to become a better golfer. She is very knowledgeable in the analysis of an individuals golf swing and can narrow specific points needing help. She has reduced my handicap by 8 strokes. Keep up the great work.

Keith   Arden, NC


Carole's motivation, drive, and expertise helped develop my golf game, both the physical and psychological aspects. She was always there to help, with creative approaches to blocks I have developed over time. I would highly recommend her for anyone serious about learning in a low pressure high results environment. Oh yeah, enjoyable also!!

Tom    Asheville, NC


Carole is a dedicated professional, recognized by the LPGA and her peers as being top notch. As a manager, she is honest and fair. As a leader in our organization, she is respected by all. The best thing I can say about Carole is that she ALWAYS walks in line with her convictions and carries herself to the highest standard.

Anne Marie Goslak
LPGA Class A Teaching Professional- Oak Valley Golf Club, Advance, NC

Awards, Recognition and Service

2019 LPGA National Professional of the Year

2016 Toastmasters International Competent Communicator 

2016 Opti International Certified Training

2014-2016 LPGA T&CP Southeast Section Vice President

2012 U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Kids Teachers Honorable Mention   (Listed under Southeast)

2013 & 2014 U.S. Kids Certified Instructor

2013 Nancy Lopez Service Award Nominee

2012 & 2014 LPGA T&CP Southeast Section Teacher of the Year Nominee

2008-2013 LPGA T&CP Southeast Section Treasurer

2006 LPGA T&CP Southeast Section Sarah Hunter Junior Achievement Award Winner