ParXlent Golf

MaXimize YOUR Golf Potential

Improving as a golfer requires the knowledge of an eXpert who understands YOUR swing and empowers you through effective communication to be your own best coach.

As an eXpert of Student Centered Teaching, Carole Clark’s students come first; their desires, their dreams, their goals.  Developing  a consistent pattern of movements in harmony with the whole person, considering strengths, weaknesses, abilities and, often times, disabilities, are areas in which Carole eXcells as an instructor.  ALL levels of players appreciate the passion and compassion that Carole brings to every lesson, with every student, every day.

Carole Clark has been a golf professional since 1993 and member of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional membership since 1999.  She attained her Class A status in 2004.  She was honored to be named the 2019 LPGA Golf Professional of the Year.