Carole Clark...the Student Comes First!

Carole Clark’s student-centered approach to teaching golf focuses on individual strengths and weaknesses of the student to help them achieve their maximum potential.  Her training covers every aspect of the game.  Carole is also extremely effective in fitting her students with the proper equipment to further their satisfaction with their game.

Carole has been successfully teaching junior golfers for her entire career. With plenty of competition in teaching the established junior player, Carole prides herself on giving any child interested in learning more about the game a solid foundation of fundamentals that will allow them to progress at their own pace as they desire.  Fun, motor skill development and competition are key ingredients to the structure of the sessions the youngsters participate in during their Academy or Camp experience.

Beginning to Advanced players find Carole’s instruction style simple to apply while being intense enough to move them to the next level in their game, whether a casual weekend player, a weekly men’s or ladies league participant, club champion or a tour player.

Men, women and kids feel comfortable with Carole Clark ParXlent Golf.  Those new to the game or the casual golfer will gain new and improved skills and confidence.  Advanced players will achieve their ball striking and scoring goals through Clark’s simply applied principles and encouraging demeanor.  And, most of all, everyone will have a great time!